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Suspect's family shares video of police shooting (WARNING: Graphic video and language)

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WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO AND LANGUAGE: New details and video emerge in the police shooting that left a gun-wielding suspect dead. Family members begged 24-year-old Javario Eagle to drop the gun and cooperate moments before Chattanooga police opened fire. Eagle was pronounced dead at a local hospital. The family shared video with Channel 3 and admits Eagle had a gun. They just wish there was a way this could have ended without gunfire.  

Latecia Pullens, Eagle's cousin, can be heard in the video expressing concern that her relative would be shot if he did not cooperate. During four minutes of cell phone video you can hear officers and Pullens plead with Eagle to put the gun down.

The video stops during the first round of gunfire because the person recording says he dropped the phone. He picks it up seconds later and records more. While Eagle is on the ground, officers saw him do something that posed a threat. They opened fire a second time.

Mike Williams, Signal Mountain PD chief of police, is a leading expert in use of force and training for law enforcement across the country. He has been called to testify in state and federal cases. Williams' office is not involved in this case but confirmed to Channel 3 on Sunday that even after a suspect goes down, officers must still assess the threat and may need to continue shooting.

Another concern for officers was the safety of a little girl Eagle had at some point during the standoff.

CPD is aware of the family concerns and says it is cooperating with Hamilton County Sheriff's Office in the investigation. The HCSO is taking over, which is standard procedure. 

The family wants reassurance that everything was by the book.

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