Russell Dodson lives his life off a basic principle; “Karma goes around," he said. "What goes around comes around, as the old saying goes.”

When nasty weather wreaked havoc on his neighbor’s property, the 73-year-old retired Air Force veteran was there to offer a hand.

So, when several days of heavy rain damaged his roof, he said it's no coincidence that neighbors and those who barely knew him offered help.

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“I’m amazed, it's always me helping somebody, so I appreciate it,” said Dodson.

Though he knew help would come his way, he said he worried it wouldn't arrive before Sunday’s storm. He tried fixing it himself, but medical complications made it hard for him.

Over a dozen volunteers showed up to help Friday after hearing he had to use buckets to catch the rain that would fall into his home.

“As I went through the day to day, I had a little time. I was in my dump truck and it touched my heart. He’s a veteran, and I’m a veteran, and I just wanted to try to help,” said Michael Peardon, volunteer.

After a full day of putting down plywood, tar paper, and making it stick, Dodson says he’s thankful he won't have to worry about a leaky roof.