It appears there may be a future for Hutcheson Medical Center.

People’s Choice Hospital, based in Illinois, has offered to buy the hospital for about $4 million.

Stuart James, attorney for Walker County, says the deal must go through before 8:59am on Monday for the hospital to keep its license.

A hearing has been set for 4pm in Atlanta bankruptcy court today in hopes all sides can approve a management agreement for People’s Choice to take over the hospital.

James says the agreement would allow for the certificate of need to remain with Regions Bank and allow the hospital’s cancer treatment facility to keep its doors open.

A deal has been reached in the sale of the hospital’s nursing home. Catoosa County Attorney Skip Patty tells Channel 3 the deal will reduce the amount Catoosa County owes on the hospital from $10 million to about $8.5 million.

"It specifies that as to any sale proceeds credited to Erlanger, the two counties will get dollar for dollar credit toward any debt the courts may ultimately determine is owed by the counties to Erlanger under the counties' guarantee of Authority debt," James tells Channel 3.

James says Walker County’s sole commissioner, Bebe Heiskell, is expected to host a similar meeting later today for the same reason.

Count on Channel 3 to let you know the outcome of today’s 4pm meeting.