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Deadline for sending holiday mail approaches

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As the holidays converge, mail trucks seem to swell filled to the brim with cards, letters, and packages for good little girls and boys and for family far and wide.

And whether you're shopping or sending your love, the next few days are very important to make the all-important deadline.

The Postal Service tries to get better every year and Thursday, they laid out their Christmas game plan.

“This is kind a like the quiet before the storm,” postal service spokesman David Walton.

The big day may be a full two weeks away, but the U.S. Postal Service and all of the mail carriers, sorters and desk clerks are stretching out and oiling the machines ahead of the annual delivery rush.

Monday will be big, says Walton.

“That's when people will be coming in the Post Office is to send things off to their loved ones,” he says.

Cards, packages, and letters will fill the Shallowford Road facility. The ramp-up is already underway.

“You know I think with Cyber Monday and also Black Friday a lot of people didn't get their orders in early because of the nail through our mail stream,” Walton says. “So, we just can't emphasize enough to get your packages in early. It's been very busy and post offices started the day after Thanksgiving and it will get worse as Christmas approaches.” 

So, if you're giving, get on the ball. If you're receiving, the postal service has ways to keep your days merry and bright.

“If you're not going be home and expecting a package, you might want to buddy system with your neighbor,” Walton advises. “Maybe have them get the package for you.”

Or, if you'd rather the elves forgo your front porch altogether, you can tell them at

“You may consider having it delivered to your workplace,” says Walton.

“If you input the USPS tracking number, you can actually leave instructions where you want your carrier to leave the delivery,” Walton says. “So, you may want it left on the back door or maybe you know under a front bush, we can do that or if you want it held at the Post Office, we’re more than happy to do that as well.”

One more thing, if you're sending overseas, December 10 was the promoted day to make it by Christmas, Walton says, “if you do get it to us by this weekend it should be able to reach one serving our country overseas.”

Your dates to remember; the busiest mailing day will be Monday. The busiest delivery day is the following Monday, December 21.

To get first class mail, that's cards and letters, delivered in time for Christmas, get them out by December 19.

And, as always, money talks; priority express mail will be delivered on Christmas Day.

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