The U.S. 27 construction might be a temporary hassle for those driving near downtown Chattanooga during rush hour, but residents in nearby neighborhoods say they're dealing with a lot of noise from all of the roadwork.

"It's very loud," said Antonio Dave, who lives in College Hill Courts. "Different types of cars and trucks everywhere."

Dave lives less than a block from one of several bridges being reconstructed during TDOT's $126 million project, which will widen 2.3 miles from the I-24/U.S. 27 split to the Olgiati Bridge.

"Normally, it's quiet in the mornings, and at night, the interstate is kind of quiet. But lately, it's been hectic," Dave said.

Barrier rails are in place along U.S. 27 north, narrowing the curvy stretch of highway. Crews will eventually demolish and reconstruct the outside portions of the bridges.

Traffic slows down there during rush hour. But Dave explains that lane closures are confusing when he gets off work in the middle of the night.

"When I get home, the road is blocked, and you really can't see anything," he said.

Hwy. 27 to Main Street is part of Vera Jackson's daily commute.

"I've been looking at the traffic and stuff. I can see all these trucks," she said, pointing to the construction site near her front doorstep.

Jackson said she is looking forward to the new highway, which will expand to 3 and 4 lanes, straighten out curves, and improve interchanges at each exit.

"We were overdue for some more lanes on that highway anyway," she said.

But in order to do that, crews will work day and night.

"I'm kind of used to the noise," Jackson said. "But, they've gotta do what they've gotta do."

The project is expected to take up to four years.

"That's gonna take some time to get used to," said Dave.

Drivers should expect lane closures on weeknights, but at least one lane in each direction will remain open at all times.