UPDATE: The 81-year-old woman involved in a brawl at an Athens park has turned herself in. Mae Moses was bailed out of jail on Wednesday.

The fight happened in Athens Regional Park on Friday, after an ongoing Facebook dispute. It ended with a woman being stabbed, and Moses' daughter and great-granddaughter behind bars.

Police say Marilyn Miller, 58, stabbed another woman multiple times in the leg, and Miller's granddaughter, Angela, 19, jumped in.

Moses told us she pulled the woman's hair.

The officer let the elderly woman go home until a judge signed her warrant this week.

"If she didn't come today, then they would have to pick her up tomorrow," said her grandson, James Miller, who waited just an hour to bail his grandma out of jail.

Catherine Levine was at the park that night. She saw the fight escalate from a verbal argument to a knock-down drag-out fight.

"Honest to God, I never in a million years would've thought that woman would've gotten into a fight with anybody," Levine said.

She saw the grandma go down.

"We were pulling her fingers out of (the victim's) hair. (Victim's) hair was entangled around this woman's hands," she said.

Levine was friends with both the victim, and the elder Miller, the one accused of using the knife.

She's still wondering why a Facebook post had to go this far.

"The woman I know was complete opposite of the person that showed themself at the park Friday night," Levine said.

All three women are facing assault charges. Moses is set to be arraigned on Thursday morning.

Channel 3 tried to reach the victim for comment, but was unable.

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The elderly suspect, Mae Moses, says she was shopping for items -- not looking for a fight -- when she went to the Athens Regional Park with her family on Friday.

Moses told Channel 3 that she was just sticking up for her family, but the argument turned into a brawl in the park. Now, the 81-year-old could be facing jail time.

"My shoulder is still sore," Moses said, stretching, "but I'll make it."

The great-great-grandmother is now accused of assault.

"I didn't hit nobody, I just pulled her hair," she said of the incident at Athens Regional Park.

An ongoing Facebook dispute, involving Moses' 58-year-old daughter and another woman, had been brewing for some time.

According to the police report, Moses confronted the woman, who was also at the park, and a fight broke out.

The fight escalated once Moses' daughter, Marilyn Miller, 58, and great-granddaughter, Angela Miller, 19, jumped in. Police say Marilyn Miller pulled out a knife, and stabbed the victim.

Athens Police took Moses' daughter and great-granddaughter straight to jail, but let the elderly woman go home.

"(The officer) said he just couldn't see lockin' an 81-year-old woman up," Moses said. "I just don't see how they could charge me with the same thing they charged them with."

At her age, Moses says she doesn't have much time left. She's afraid to spend it behind bars.

"I've never been to jail in my life," she sobbed. "Never been in no trouble, or nothin'. I just can't see myself staying in jail."

Police say the 81-year-old is supposed to turn herself in. Moses says she's been told to do so by Thursday. Right now, it's unclear what will happen to her after that, or if her age will be taken into consideration.

Channel 3 stopped by the victim's home. No one would answer the door.