U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued the following statement about President Obama’s Oval Office address on the threat of terrorism and the fight against ISIS.

“From Chattanooga to San Bernardino and across the country, Americans rightly are deeply worried about the security of our country. For years now, the president’s policy toward ISIS has been to ‘contain,’ and it's clear that is not a winning strategy.

“What the president needed to do tonight, but failed to do, is to articulate to the American people a new, clear strategy to defeat ISIS and protect our country and our allies from more terrorist attacks. Instead, what we heard was more of the same containment strategy. 

“The president also must work with Congress to ensure our intelligence community and law enforcement have the tools they need to thwart attacks and save American lives, including eliminating security gaps in our procedures for those entering the country that could be exploited by terrorists.

“The threat of ISIS and its followers is not just something we see across our shores; it's here in our homeland, and it demands a more robust strategy, stronger U.S. leadership, and the resolve of both the president and the American people to fight—and win—this battle against terrorism. The administration has said over and over again it already has congressional authorization to defeat ISIS. The American people are still trying to understand how he intends to do so.”