It is a 24-hour long festival celebrating Main Street and the surrounding Southside area in Chattanooga. Held every December since 2007 MainX24 features all day activities, from parades, food, music, and shopping. Simply it is a day to celebrate and showcase the growing Southside.

Main Street in Chattanooga is feeling the Christmas spirit this weekend. It is the 9th Annual MainX24 event showcasing the city's Southside. “It celebrates everybody’s effort and the city of Chattanooga and businesses that are open on Main Street and the Southside,” said Mike Monen.

Families and friends stroll up and down Main Street, window shopping, chatting with neighbors, and sampling tasty treats. This is the Monen family's second time at the December event. The owners of Clyde’s on Main enjoy taking the time to serve up warm BBQ sandwiches for their customers. “It is just a thank you for being a good neighbor, good supporters of the Southside, Main Street and the local businesses around. Giving back and giving thanks.”

He believes the energy throughout downtown Saturday is enough to get him ready for the holidays. “There is lots of energy going on down here. Started as early as 8:30 when we were setting up. People doing pancakes, chili cook offs, about to be a huge parade, ton of energy and excitement. It will last through the early hours of tomorrow.”

There is nothing like the Christmas tradition of kids eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa at the end of the holiday parade.

“I like to see all the cool things with the parade laid out and the little dogs,” said 12 year old Addison.

“Getting the candy thrown at me, because I collect a bunch of candy,” said Cash Orth.

The goal of the event is to make Chattanooga a 24-hour city. MainX24 goes on till 8 am Sunday morning. It is free and open to the public.