Their stories are eerily similar. 

"All of the sudden, she hears a gun shot and starts running toward the house screaming," Christopher Sexton said, "She could see the dog was bleeding and the dog fell over." 

Two family dogs each found shot in their backyards just days apart. 

After seeing Channel 3's story about 86 year old Hazel Swinford's pit bull terrier Georgie found shot to death in her Tilton Road backyard, Sexton's family, who live in the same area, believe the same person or people are responsible for shooting their dog Duchess just days before.

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"If you think about it, the buildings over there have belongings similar to what that woman had too and the dog went over there and the case may be the dog went over there was probably because someone was wandering around," he added. 

Unlike Georgie, Duchess survived but at the cost of losing one of her legs. Vets told Sexton the direction of the shot looked intentional. 

"It seemed like it bounced off a rock or something and went upwards toward the bottom of her leg and went through her leg and into her chest," he said. 

Deputies in Whitfield County couldn't say if the cases are related but are investigating. 

As Duchess recovers, the Sexton's sights now turn to finding a way to foot the bill. 

"We're not wealthy people by any means but we do what we can to make sure she's alright," he added. 

The Sexton's have set up a GoFund Me page to help with the cost of vet bills. To help, click HERE.