Skilled trade workers at Volkswagen in Chattanooga voted YES to representation by United Auto Workers.

After the UAW lost a vote among hourly workers in February 2014, skilled trade workers chose to hold their own election.

Friday night, the workers voted 108-44 in favor of union representation. Ten other workers did not participate in the vote.

This means the UAW will act on behalf of the skilled workers as a bargaining representative, pending certification of the election by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

VW officials were not in favor of the move. However, the NLRB gave the green light for the second vote, citing a large community interest as the reason.

VW spokesman Scott Wilson says the automaker plans to file an appeal with the NLRB, hoping it will reconsider it's decision to separate maintenance and production workers and allow them to vote as an entire group for union representation.

"Whatever the outcome of our appeal, Volkswagen’s commitment to Tennessee remains unchanged," Wilson says. "Our partnership with Tennessee is a long-term investment and it is vital to the future of Volkswagen in America."

Skilled trade workers make up about 11% of VW's workforce and will be the only employees with union representation since the vote did not include the entire factory.

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