From Clarksville, to Miami, by way of Chattanooga, Seth Mayer is on a journey to inspire others, and make life easier for the family of one special boy.

“I’m walking  1,000 miles for Daniel Burgess and his family. He’s an 11-year-old boy with brain and spine cancer and his family gets treatment at St. Jude, and they pay for all the medical expenses and lodging,” said Mayer.

The money Mayer is raising with each step with help with other costs while Daniel’s parents are out of work. It’s a story he's sharing along the way. 

“Along the journey I’ve met a lot of people. I stopped and talked to them about what's going on,” said Mayer.

Mayer says those who stop and listen are inspired when hear Daniel’s story of survival. 

“Some of them have been given hope for similar stories that they have,” said Mayer.

It’s Daniel’s story that helps Mayer keep going, one step at a time.

“You know anything you can do for other we encourage you to share it, especially if we inspired you somehow,” said Mayer.

To learn more about a thousand miles or to donate visit here