A local church is out hundreds of dollars after a grinch stole part of Christmas.
Thieves have ignored the honor system, taking a dozen trees from the church's Christmas tree lot, leaving the cash box empty and the church fundraiser at risk.

"That's just something you can't believe, that they would steal from a church," Rev. Mike Grace, Pentecostal Worship Center.

Outside the Pentecostal Worship Center in Spring City, Rev. Mike Grace sets up a Christmas tree shop, just like he has for the past 18 years.

"Of course we just have an honor system and it's been really good, but this year it hasn't been," Rev. Grace said.

This year, nearly a dozen trees have been taken off the lot without being paid for.
There were five thefts on Black Friday alone. And last week, Rev. Grace says he even saw someone pretend to pay for a tree -- but leave without putting anything in the money box.

"Take the tree and put it in their car and then come back and act like they're paying for it and never pay," he said, "I come down and look at the box and there's nothing in the box."
If any more trees are stolen, Rev. Grace says the church will not make a profit.
Usually tree sales raise about $2,500 for future church events, just like this weekend when the church is having it's community giveaway for families in need.

Rev. Grace says he isn't going to call the police. Instead, he has a message for the guilty.

"Even one was here this morning at our giveaway, I saw the car, I know the people and saw them, but I didn't say anything to them," Rev. Grace said, "And maybe they'll get to thinking about that and realize that hey, they need to come pay for their tree."
Rev. Grace says if the thefts keep occurring, he doesn't think they'll be able to continue the fundraiser next year.