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McKamey provides dog houses and pet food for owners in need of assistance

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McKamey Animal Center is providing dog houses and pet food for owners in the need of temporary assistance or low income families who are struggling to feed their pets. 

McKamey says, there is no reason for any dog or car in the City of Chattanooga to ever go without food or proper shelter. 

The shelter also has straw available for dog owners who are unable to bring their dogs indoors, but lack an adequate shelter to protect them from poor weather. 

“The bitter cold and numbing wetness of winter can create life threatening conditions for those animals kept outdoors especially when the animal is without the proper shelter or body condition--hypothermia rapidly sets in.” said Executive Director Jamie McAloon.

Officials are urging residents to report outdoor pets who do not have proper shelter and protection from the elements. The State of Tennessee requires outdoor dogs have proper shelter.  The shelter has to be adequate enough to retain the dogs’ body heat. The city of Chattanooga does not allow dogs to be left on chains overnight—from 10pm until 6am dogs may not be on chains. 

The shelter is located at 4500 North Access Road in Chattanooga.  To donate pet food or a dog house to the shelter please call 423-305-6502 or drop it off at the shelter.  All donations are tax deductible. 

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