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UPDATE: Hutcheson Medical Center now closed

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UPDATE: Hutcheson Medical Center is now officially closed.
According to Catoosa County Attorney Clifton Patty, there was an issue between Prime Healthcare and Regions Bank that couldn’t be worked out before today’s deadline.
The hospital will lose its license to operate as a hospital in ten days. All those involved are working to finalize a sale before then.
A hearing is set for next Tuesday in Atlanta
Patty told us on Wednesday that Catoosa County has spent nearly 3.5 million dollars ($3,497,098.42 to be exact) on trying to save Hutcheson. He wants to make sure the sale credits Catoosa County back as much as possible the money the county has invested.

PREVIOUS STORY: Hutcheson Medical Center will close it's doors at 9:00 Friday morning. Lawyers were unable to strike a deal allowing the hospital to stay open. 

As the Thursday sun sets, patients and staff leave the Fuller Cancer Center for the last time. 

"Who closes a cancer center? That place is packed all the time," Tracy Bishop says. 

Patients like Bishop found out this week, they would have to find another cancer center to receive their treatments. 

"They called my doctor from there and talked to the nurse to find out where they were going to send me," she says. "I was kind of in shock. I mean, I've been going there for three years. I didn't know. No one had told me." 

Even though Hutcheson will close at 9:00 Friday morning, lawyers are still hoping to find a solution to save the hospital.

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Catoosa County Attorney Clifton "Skip" Patty tells Channel 3, Hutcheson can keep it's hospital license for 10 days after the hospital closes giving brokers a larger time frame to negotiate a deal with Prime Healthcare Services out of California. 

But until a deal is made, patients like Bishop will have to drive further. 

"It puts a lot of miles on my car, and I have to pay for upkeep and just to get there. So it's harder that way," she says. 

Bishop is undergoing treatments to keep the cancer from coming back but for many still fighting the battle, a longer drive is tough physically. 

"You have reactions to the strong chemicals in chemo and so they will have you Phenergan of a high dose in an IV and it would knock me out," she adds. 

Making the need even greater, Bishop says, for Hutcheson Medical Center to reopen. 

Another hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday. Lawyers say there could be a deal reached before then. 

This is a story we're following closely, stay with Channel 3 for updates. 

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