A BP manager in Athens is being hailed a hero for delivering a baby at a Dollar General Store Tuesday.
The mother went into labor right outside the store on the sidewalk where complete strangers jumped into action. 
Susan Hayes manages the local BP gas station. She's used to working on cars but has no medical training. She had only helped deliver kittens and puppies until Tuesday, when she delivered a perfect stranger's baby.

Dispatch: "911 what's your emergency?" Caller: "Yes there is a pregnant lady outside of the Dollar General Store in Athens... she says the baby is coming and we need an ambulance." 

An ordinary shopping trip turned into a special delivery for everyone inside the Dollar General Store.

"When I went outside she was standing there in distress and something told me to go talk to her," said Susan Hayes who delivered the baby. 

Susuan Hayes asked if she could feel the baby, she said yes. 

"Something just kicked in...I told the manager we're fixing to have us a baby right now," said Hayes." I got her to come back in."

They laid her down by in the buggy isle.

Dispatch: "Where are you in the store? Caller: "We are right inside the door."

Several customers grabbed supplies off of the shelves, with no delivery experience or medical training, Hayes knew she had a job to do.

"She knew she was having the baby and just started hollering 'get me towels, get me water, get me scissors."" said witness Aletta Mckeehan. 

They cut off the mother's sweat pants with a pair of box cutters. 

 "I just ripped it open and there was the head and shoulders already out," said Hayes. 

Dispatch: "Does she feel like she needs to push?" Caller: "The baby has already come out." Dispatch: "You're positive the baby is already out?" Caller: "Yes the baby is already out. Oh my gosh!"

"She just landed in my hands. Basically, she was just right there and she was so tiny. I said, 'well it's a girl,'" said Hayes. 

At 2 pounds, 3 ounces and 13 inches long, the baby girl looked perfect. 

Dispatch: "Place the baby on the mother's abdomen. Is she breathing?"  Caller: "Is she breathing? Yes she is breathing,  a little."

"Everybody in the store was crying there wasn't a dry eye in that store," said Mckeehan. "She is a true hero."
"I still can't believe it happened. It's like one of those things that only happens in a movie, it doesn't happen in real life especially to me," said Hayes. " I was just glad to be in the right place at the right time to help somebody."

Hayes used a suction cup to clear the baby's airways, then rubbed the baby girl's back to keep her warm until the ambulance arrived.

We're told the mom and baby are doing well. Witnesses tell us the baby is in an ICU. Her original due date was February 26.