A Chattanooga man was found in a pool of blood after an unknown incident Sunday.

Police say that 19-year-old Garrett Chase Thornton was discovered in the bed of a truck by the manager of an apartment complex. She then took Thornton to a nearby hospital for examination and treatment.

While being treated at a local hospital, Thornton told police that the last thing he remembered was going out partying with some friends and getting drunk. He then said he returned to a friend’s apartment and awoke in the parking lot in a pool of blood.

The apartment manager’s recount of events differs from Thornton’s, but his friend Fox Johnston, told police a similar story.

Thornton was unable to provide police with any information on the timeline of events between Johnston's apartment and being found outside the complex the next day.

Police stay that in this particular incident, Thornton was unable to provide police with any details of the timeline of events leading up to injury. Because of this, police we currently have no crime to investigate.

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