UPDATE: When it rains as hard as it has been, South Chickamauga Creek is known to flood. The creek reached flood stage Wednesday morning and is expected to crest later Wednesday night.

High water levels could be seen downstream in Catoosa county where water crossed into neighboring yards.

The National Weather Service says the creek will be at its highest level Wednesday night around 7 p.m, where it will reach about 19ft deep.

Shortly after the heavy rain subsided, Hydrologic Technician Elizabeth Yates was gathering a water sample of the West Chickamauga Creek.

Yates gave Channel 3 a quick lesson on how to read the current stage levels.  To put it simply, the water level is high, and water is traveling downstream fast.

Just down the road, Darlene Tolbert was taking a walk around her soggy backyard.

 "Only thing that's holding us from getting flooded is that little hill there but if it rises any more, it's gonna get us," Tolbert says.

On any other day, Tolbert would be watching the wildlife that enjoys her grassy pasture now under water.

"Oh it's beautiful out here, deers, wild turkeys and stuff, I sit out here and watch them," she says.

Tolbert moved to Rossville with her son about two years ago. She says she was warned about the possibility of flooding.
"Yea they told us, I mean we wasn't expecting a whole lot but..." Tolbert says.

Until now, she had never experienced it herself.

"This has never been flooded like that."

Tolbert has been keeping up with the weather forecast and knows water runoff is expected to cause more flooding throughout the day. But all she can do right now is watch and wait.

"Well me, I'm expecting it to come over that hill anytime, I am," Tolbert says.

After the water level reaches 19 feet here, the National Weather Service expects it to start receding overnight.


ORIGINAL STORY: Officials are monitoring several water ways in our area including Chickamauga Creek. 

Federal weather data shows the west part of the creek that runs through Fort Oglethorpe and Ringgold was at 8 feet at 9:15 Tuesday night, three feet below flood stage. It's expected to reach flood stage Wednesday evening. 

The area around Interstate 75 in Ringgold has built up within the last couple of years. 

Partly because of several businesses moving into the area like Costco Wholesale and Cabela's. 

Building properties in this area are unique because of the threat of the Chickamauga Creek flooding. Channel 3 wanted to know what plans these businesses have in place for in the event a flood were to happen. 

Channel 3 spoke with both of the managers at Costco and Cabela's, and they say both of the properties here have been built at an elevated level to help keep water from coming up to the front door of their stores.

If their properties begin to flood, employees would bring in sandbags and start piling them up to keep that water from coming in. 

This is precautionary and they are not doing that right now.

Both stores say they will keep us updated if that were to change.