UPDATE: A water main break that created a sinkhole on a busy Chattanooga street is fixed, but the road remains partially blocked off for now.

A Tennessee American Water spokesperson said a 12-inch water main broke underground and created the hole.

Crews began repairs Tuesday and finished Wednesday morning. About 80-90 customers went without water during that time.

North Holtzclaw Avenue remains partially blocked off until conditions improve enough for crews to repave the road.

PREVIOUS STORY: The sinkhole on North Holtzclaw was apparently caused by an underground water main break, according to a Chattanooga public works employee. Tennessee American Water has been notified and has crews on the scene. The workers must first turn off the water to that main, drain the water from the hole and then dig around it to determine if it is indeed a water main break.

The hole opened up Tuesday morning in the 600 block of North Holtzclaw Avenue.

The hole damaged several vehicles that apparently didn’t see it in time, flattening tires and damaging wheels.

"You didn't know what you were getting into until you fell into the hole," said Tina Morgan who hit it driving to work. " Just thought it was a puddle and then BAM. Our tires busted, the rims busted."

The hole, which filled with water from the recent heavy rains, was hidden and looked much like a puddle.

"There were cars beside me so I couldn't swerve to get out of the way, I had to go through it," said Daniel Kilts, another affected driver. "You couldn't see anything cause the water was so smooth."

City road crews were able to mark the hole with barricades to prevent additional vehicle damage.

Motorists are advised to seek an alternate route if possible.