A Chattanooga mother of three was killed in her own home after a drive by shooting. Now her sister is left with raising her three children. Monica McMillon was found shot in a home on Highland Avenue last week. Chattanooga Police still have no leads on who fired the fatal shots. Her three children were inside at the time, but not hurt.

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The sister of Monica McMillon said she will not tolerate the violence striking the Chattanooga community. A fundraiser is set up to help her and the kids of last week's shooting make it through the financially tough times. But it is not just friends and family in the Chattanooga area reaching out.

The Crowder household is a little more active Monday evening. Children giggle while playing video games. Monica McMillion's children now live with their Aunt Amanda. Amanda's sister was shot and killed early last week in a drive by shooting. “I think about her children. I have to stay strong for them. Let them know everything is normal. Your mom is gone but you have a bunch of mom's now,” said Amanda Crowder.

Amanda now faces the responsibility of raising five young children. She created a Go Fund Me page to help with some of the financial burdens. “The need is there, this is something no one planned for. She has three beautiful kids, it is something I wanted to do.”

But the Go Fund Me page isn't only catching on here in Chattanooga. Charlotte Greer-Brown is a native to the Scenic City, for the past six years she's been living in Pennsylvania. Hearing about the crime striking her hometown, she says she knew she had to do something. “It is happening across the country but when it hits home it takes you to a whole different level of concern,” said Greer-Brown.

For both Amanda and Charlotte the goal is to keep Monica’s legacy alive. They hope this fundraiser will allow Monica’s children to live a normal life. “The holidays are coming up. Christmas is coming up and we want them to know we love them, the entire community does.”

“Some people forget. This happens every day in Chattanooga. Every other day you hear someone is killed, shot and then you forget about them once all the RIP dies down on your newsfeed you forget about them,” said Amanda Crowder.

As Amanda holds her biological children close Monday evening she opens her arms up for her niece and nephews; who she says she will raise as her own children.  She can't thank the community enough for all the support pouring in. “Thank you, it means a lot you have no idea. Five dollars, ten dollars, it goes a long way if there is enough people involved and care. People on there I don't even know, they put it on with no name. They don't want me to know who it is. There are good people out in the world. I appreciate it.”

The funeral for Monica McMillion is schedule for Saturday, December 5th at Olivet Baptist Church at Noon.

Click here to donate on the Go Fund Me page.