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3 ON YOUR SIDE: Dunlap woman refuses to let city inspect her home

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A Dunlap woman claims that city leaders are using code violations to force her out of her home, but Carol Gaddy is putting up a fight.

Inspectors were supposed to stop by her home on Monday, but they called it off after Gaddy refused to allow them on her property.

"This thing that's happening and coming against us is not liberty. It's not Americanism," Gaddy said. "It's force. It's totalitarian. It's tyrrany. So it is my sacred duty to resist."

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Gaddy was featured in a "3 On Your Side" report earlier this month. City officials claim her historic home on Main St. violates city code.

Gaddy and her husband have been working on restoring it for 18 years, until February, when the city filed a lawsuit that halted their construction.

"We're gonna show you. We're gonna teach you a lesson. That really is the attitude here," Gaddy said of the dispute.

"We're not picking on them, even though they think we are," said Steve Greer, city attorney.

Greer told Channel 3 that the City of Dunlap does not want the Gaddys' land to expand the Greenway. He notes concerns with the flood plane.

"There are a myriad of issues in this case. That's one of them," he said.

The home is furnished, has heat and running water. But court documents show an inspector deemed the home "Delapidated and dangerous."

"If they think they've done what they're required to do, why won't they let us look at it?" Greer asked. "If you have nothing to hide, show it to us."

The Gaddys want to resume work on their house, but a judge wants the city to inspect it first.

Gaddy says, not so fast.

"If they will give me the restraining order, rescinded, invalid, at my front door, I may let them in," she said.

The city hopes to reach an agreement with the homeowners, but the Gaddys say they aren't backing down.

If the dispute continues, the city attorney tells us that a judge could impose "severe" sanctions or penalties.

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