Floors from the three story home sit on top of one another like a stack of pancakes.

“The roof collapsed on the second floor, which in turn collapsed on the first floor,” said Jack Brellenthin, Assistant Fire Chief, Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department. 

Shortly after 7:00 Sunday night neighbors could see flames coming from this house on Sea Haven Drive. It took fire crews only minutes to reach the home and 30,000 gallons of water to fight the flames. Radiant heat scorched trees and the side of a neighboring house. 12 hours later fire crews were called back to the property.

“We received a call a little after 6 this morning. The neighbor lady next door saw some flames. So we came back up this morning and put some foam out to blanket it and the result is what you see behind me,” said Brellenthin. 

Fire crews estimate the damage at $350,000, but this fire took much more. The family who lived here was visiting relatives in Washington D.C.

Their dog, a 12-year-old rescue died in the fire that also took precious paintings and family pictures, a loss too overwhelming to speak about on camera.

"We hate to have total loss fires, but they do happen occasionally,” said Brellenthin.

Assistant Fire Chief Jack Brellenthin says it's too soon to tell what caused the fire, but it should serve as a reminder to all this holiday season. 

“We would encourage everybody to be very careful this time of the year with Christmas decorations. Make sure they check the lights and any electrical decorations to make sure they are in good shape,” said Brellenthin. 

It could be a few more days before the property is cool enough for fire investigators to search for clues in what started the fire.