Since the age of 3 Cathy Wells took her son Skip to Disney World. It was their favorite place to go.

“We just had fun, he was my buddy. Up until he graduated high school we went every summer,” said Cathy Wells.

July 8th would be the last time they went together, just eight days before the July 16th attack.   

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“He texted me and he said: "Active shooter!" and I said: "Where?" he said: "Here inside",” said wells. 

Lance Corporal Skip Wells one of the fallen five, lost his life while doing what he loved, serving.

“It happened and all I can do is remember,” said Wells.

Four months passed since that tragic day. His mother dedicates her time trying to get Marines and their families to skip's favorite place, Disney World.

“That’s what Skip would have wanted. I’m just trying to make sure Skip gets what he wants,” said Wells.

The program is called "Marines and Mickey" and it gives Marine families a vacation between deployments.  
Saturday a benefit ride from Marietta to South Pittsburg was held in Skip’s honor. 

“Don’t forget about him. Don’t forget about none of them. None of this should have happened,” said Wells.