We wrap up this season with the great Marching Wolverines from Dade County High School. Not only do they look good (new, sharp uniforms this year!), they sound good, too.Director Chris Chance tells me they are 88 members strong with 12 seniors and let me tell you about their show. These new uniforms are maroon, as before, but now they incorporate black stripes and highlights. Mr. Chance took that as his muse and created the show they marched this season called Back in Black. The tunes included the title track made popular by AC-DC, Paint it Black from the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin's Black Dog, and Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Now, eve though some of these hits were older than even some of the students' parents, Chance says he had no problem getting the kids to buy in. Because, let's face it, great music is great music no matter the generation.

As the Marching Wolverines pack it in for the football season, enjoy the holidays, and get ready for concert season, their fund raisers continue. These are events and sales that allow them to do and travel to those extra things and places that make the band experience complete. If you would like to help, get in touch with Mr. Chase at the Dade County High School Band Room. He tells me they just finished with the fruit sale and are currently in the midst of their garbage bag sale, which may sound a little odd, but has been a tradition since 1995!

Thanks to the students from Dade County for rounding out another great year on Friday Night Football. Now, enjoy Rock 'n Roll, Pt. 2...better known as "the HEY song" as played by the Marching Wolverines, our Band of the Week!