UPDATE:  During a violent and deadly week in Chattanooga, police believe they prevented another drive-by shooting and another victim from being shot or killed.

10 people were shot in nine different shootings last week in Chattanooga.

"Responding to a tragedy and then trying to make an arrest afterwards, it's complicated and often the justice isn't timely as we would like it to be," said Lt. Eddy Chamberlin, "And this case we were able to prevent something very tragic from happening and that just excites us, and it excites us for the community too."

Police arrested three 19-year old men, one 19-year old woman plus one juvenile for having guns illegally. The arrests stem from a traffic stop near the intersection of E 3rd Street and Dodson avenue around 4 p.m. Friday.

The five suspects are in a gang or associated with one.

"There were two pistols, one of which appeared to have been fired recently, it was still warm and they were fully loaded," Lt. Chamberlin said.

Before the traffic stop, a few people living near the 3100 block of 5th Avenue heard gunshots and called police with a description of the truck that drove off.

Those calls led police to find these suspects before they fired their guns a second time.

Lt. Chamberlin says one of the only ways police can prevent a shooting from happening is with tips from the community.

"Community members did step up and report this, they gave us good information and we have to give credit to the community members who got involved in this particular case to help us out," Chamberlin said.

In that same area of town, just two days earlier police arrested four men in an attempted armed robbery, in that case, they also confiscated a gun and drugs.

Police say on average more than 30 guns are taken off the streets every two weeks in Chattanooga

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga Police responded to the 3100 block of 5th Avenue on reports of shots being fired, Friday afternoon.

Members of the community reported a vehicle description. Officers located and stopped the suspect vehicle at E 3rd Street and Dodson Avenue.

Dominique Jackson, 19, Andrea Wells, 19, Kardarius Johnson, 19, Traevion Russell, 19 ,and a juvenile were arrested without incident and there were no injuries were reported. 

Chattanooga Police asks anyone with information regarding this incident to call 423-698-2525.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga Police say they prevented a drive-by shooting Friday night.

Police arrested 5 people with 2 guns.

No one was injured.

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