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Plumbers busy on Black Friday

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It’s house call number 3 for Chris Roberts, who is on a mission to unclog a kitchen sink.

“They put it in the garbage disposal and it don't get far. That happen to be my favorite food, and I hate to see it go down the drain,” said Chris Roberts.

After 20 minutes the drain is clear, and Roberts is on to the next call. It’s the way he spends his Black Friday every year. Thanksgiving dinner clean up creates the perfect storm and a spike in business. The Chattanooga Roto Rooter office received over 100 calls on Black Friday in the past. The company responded to 30 calls Friday, most were about stopped sinks and disposals.

Roberts says it usually comes down to forcing too much down the drain.

“The blades don't cut it good enough, and it's bad for it,” said Roberts.

A visit from Roberts costs $145. Money that Roberts agrees can be better spent.

“Scrape your plates good. Do whatever you got to do to keep them from getting in there,” said Roberts.

Plumbers also suggest making sure your garbage disposal is running when you put food in it. Run cold water to avoid overheating the motor.
Avoid putting meat, potato skins and celery in your disposal
and never pour fats or oils down a drain; it solidifies in your pipes.

For more tips on how to keep your drains clear visit here

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