Arkansas and Tennessee top the list for Black Friday fights.

Estately blog ranked the top ten states where people are most likely to get into fights over discounted deals.

Arkansas tops the list at number one, followed by Tennessee and Alabama. Missouri ranks in at number 5.

Shoppers love saving money, but when it comes to Black Friday, some Midsoutherners go to extreme measures to get those hot items. Experts said there is a way to save money while staying safe.

You may remember the fight that happened in a West Memphis, AR Walmart in 2013. It wasn’t caught on camera and no one was hurt, but there was an increased police presence.

Additionally, mall madness turned violent on Thanksgiving Day in 2012 when a customer claimed her busted lip and black eye came from a fist fight at a Germantown Dollar Tree.

"Too many people do pushing, shoving a lot and that's not good," shopper Kyetra Mann said.

"It's pointless. I mean, it's not like...when you died. It's not like you can take it with you," shopper Travis Sherrill said.

Experts said the best way to avoid a confrontation is to be courteous to employees and other shoppers. Additionally, you should plan ahead to shop for the hot ticket items so you won't fight over the last one. Another option is avoiding lines all together.

"It's more or less like getting online and not getting out because there's road rage and people that are just fighting for things. I'd rather like spend my Black Friday...drinking a Blood Mary," shopper Denise Morse said.

An increased police presence is definitely something you can expect Thursday night going into Friday morning.

Many stores have already planned on upping security and say they don’t expect anything out of the ordinary to happen.

"I don't like h ow it's always packed inside of every mall that you go into. Then, like, you say you try to find something you like, you got disputes, arguments, etc. It's not my thing," Sherrill said.