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Man escapes Thanksgiving morning house fire: "I'm thankful to still be here"

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A Chattanooga man says he's thankful to be alive on Thanksgiving Day. Alfonzo Pavey woke up to his house on fire, but managed to make it out just fine.

The flames sparked early Thursday morning, in the 1200 block of Dixon Street in Chattanooga.

It's not how Pavey wanted to spend his Thanksgiving, but he told Channel 3 he has a lot to be thankful for, starting with the neighbor who woke him up when flames were shooting out of his roof.

She banged on the front door to wake him up.

"I don't know who she was, but thank you," Pavey said. "Because without her, we might not even be here."

Pavey and his wife have lived in the home for nearly 20 years. Firefighters were able to contain most of the damage to the roof and attic, and insurance is helping with repairs.

The couple is thankful that they still have a home, because it could have been much worse.

"Oh yes, a whole lot (worse), but we made it out," he said.

While his wife stays in a hotel, Pavey says he won't leave the house to protect it from intruders.

"I'm thankful to still be here, and I hope they'll be thankful not to try nothin'," he said.

No word yet on what caused the fire. Firefighters estimate it caused $20,000 damage.

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