UPDATE:  For one Chattanooga family, a day meant for togetherness turned into one of mourning. Chattanooga Police are investigating the city's 29th murder. No gunman has been arrested, and no suspect information was given. This latest shooting is a mystery. The victim is identified as 43-year old Darrel Jones

On this Thanksgiving evening the family of Darrel Jones is struggling to understand why violence had to strike their loved one. Family members cry out in the street after hearing the news one of their own was fatally shot. Forty-three year old Darrel Jones was found dead Thanksgiving afternoon.

“A family member actually found the victim lying face down on the side of the street, shot more than once,” said Deputy Chief David Roddy.

Friends and neighbors quickly arrive on scene after hearing the news. They stand around in shock, grieving the loss of someone they love. They said they are tired of the violence striking this community. For the family word of the news trickles in.

“Because of the holiday the family is spread out. I know some of the family is responding at this time. They are trying to make as many notifications as possible.”

On this day of thanks a home on East 37th street sits in the dark. As many of us think about turkey and stuffing, police are dealing with another shooting in the city. A shooting which will be an unfortunate reminder each Thanksgiving for one family.

“This is a time where family is supposed to come together to enjoy one another's company. Enjoy a peaceful few hours, few moments, few days. Unfortunately we have an entire family that is not going to experience that because of the ruthlessness of one of the members of our community who committed this act.”

This is the second homicide in the area this week. On Tuesday, Monica McMillon was killed in her home during a drive-by shooting just a few blocks away. Police have yet to make any arrests in that case. Deputy Chief Roddy said the McMillon homicide and Jones homicide do not appear to be related.

Jones was charged with attempted murder in June of 2013 for allegedly shooting of Quintin Jones on Dorris Street.

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Witnesses to the incident declined to cooperate with the investigation. Investigators continue to follow all credible leads.

Chattanooga Police ask anyone with information regarding this crime to call 423-698-2525. 

The investigation is ongoing and more information will be released when available.

Chattanooga police are investigating a fatal shooting in the Clifton Hills area near Rossville Boulevard.

It happened around 3 p.m. on East 37th Street.

Police say 43-year-old Darrel Jones was found face down in the street, shot multiple times.

This marks the second shooting police have been called to on Thanksgiving. Police were called to Parkridge East Hospital this morning after a woman showed up with a gunshot wound to her ankle.

A mother of three was shot dead Tuesday less than a half mile away from this latest homicide. Police say the two cases are not related.

Police say witnesses to Jones' murder will not cooperate with investigators.

Police have investigated a total of 29 homicides this year.

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