He is known as the “Midnight Florist". Others call him the "Flower Man". Chattanooga's Sandy Bell is in need of help. He has recently started chemotherapy again. Neighbors created a fundraiser to raise money for the community figure.

Flowers never let Sandy Bell down. Known as Chattanooga’s Flower Man, Bell can be seen throughout downtown selling flowers helping couples fall in love. Now his community isn't letting him down.

“They are like a family to me, I cannot thank them enough,” said Sandy Bell.

Lately his contagious smile and spirit is a little less visible. He is battling colon cancer for the second time. When neighbors found out the news they created a Go Fund Me account to cover Bell's rent for 6 months so he can focus his energy on battling the cancer. In under 48 hours the Chattanooga community raised over ten thousand dollars.

“I think it is great, he deserves it. He does so much to help out in his own little way. People should help him out in return,” said Lexi Price.

People are flooding in with the donations looking to support this community icon anyway they can.

For some a simple donation is the least they can do.

“He is an incredible dude. Been through more difficult times then a lot of people you meet. Every time you see him he is happy, upbeat, always trying to make other people lives better,” said Jimmy Goodrick.

On Bell's road to recovery he continues to pedal forward. He said he is thankful for the community he calls home.

“I love Chattanooga. I cannot thank the people for the support. I mean it with all my heart,” said Bell.

The account raised $10,492 by 363 people in just two days. Organizers said they are planning to shut down the page on Friday.

If you are looking to donate to help Sandy Bell during his cancer treatment, click here.