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Prayer vigil for the 28 Chattanooga murder victims in 2015

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Satedra Smith lost her son in a drive by shooting earlier this year. Wednesday morning, she heard there was another drive by shooting and another Chattanooga murder victim.

Smith wants all victims to be remembered.

Smith's son, Jordan Clark, was 20-years-old when he was killed.

Tuesday night, another senseless crime.

That victim is a 37-year-old mother of three. She died just hours before Smith and others gathered on the Walnut Street bridge.

Monica McMillon's death marks the 28th homicide so far this year, the most homicides in Chattanooga since 1997.

"I'm angry. I'm just angry," Smith said.

Smith has been vocal about her anger since her son's death in August, hoping to bring awareness to the violence in Chattanooga and the victims who are no longer here.

"She mattered to so many people, he mattered to so many people and they touch our lives even if we don't know them," Smith said.

Christopher Walton was charged with Clark's murder but police are still looking for others who were involved.

"And I strongly believe that justice is going to prevail," Smith said.

Six of the 28 murders still remain unsolved according to Channel 3 records.

Smith says she'll continue to raise awareness to make her son proud.

"He's smiling, he's like that's my momma, that's what he's saying," Smith said.

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