It is no surprise Lee University's Jordan Smith is blazing his way through The Voice competition. Tuesday night Jordan found out he is advancing to the Top 10 in the singing competition.

He may be outselling other well-known pop artists on the iTunes charts but he continues to be humbled by his success on The Voice.

"I never imagined that I would have reached this point and that I would be standing here doing what I love in front of so many people," said Jordan, Tuesday night.

Smith continues to not only impress The Voice judges but America as well.
"It means so much for me to be here. I've just been telling everyone I never dreamed this for myself."

Smith has shined throughout the competition and will get the chance to prove himself again as a part of the top ten singers advancing to the next round.    

"This is it. This is what I worked so hard for. And it feels good to be at this point and to see so much hard work kind of culminating into such an amazing moment," said Smith.

Through it all it is the support of his fans that means the most.
"I'm so floored by their support. Honestly. I never imagined that I would have so much support and that people would be so happy for me and that I'd be so happy for myself."

He says it has been an exciting journey so far.

"The whole process for me has been about learning and growing," said Smith.

He wants to use the spotlight and his voice to encourage others.
"I think that we just have to stand and be confident in ourselves and realize that we all have these innate abilities and gifts that God's put in us. And we need to move forward and work on those things and take not only just the talents that we've been given but put hard work behind them."

Smith says he is soaking up every second.    
"That's what it's all about now. It's about creating special experiences and moments that I'm going to remember myself for years to come."

Jordan Smith takes the stage again next week. You can watch The Voice on Channel 3 on Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m.