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Man arrested for assaulting Chattanooga police officer

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Chattanooga police wrestled with and attempted to use a stun gun on a suspect in a drug arrest Thursday, November 19.

The incident began as a traffic stop and escalated when the suspect, Corey Thomas, fled police on foot near Bonny Oaks Drive.

Thomas didn’t stop when commanded by police, so a stun gun was unsuccessfully used. 

When that failed, CPF Officer Ryan Lynn and Thomas began grappling in “hand-to-hand combat” according to the police report.

The report continues, stating that Thomas tried to choke Officer Lynn before pushing him to the ground and ran again.

Police lost Thomas in the foot chase, but found crack cocaine and improper vehicle registration in the car.

Thomas was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer and possession of crack cocaine for resale. His bond has been set at $59,500.

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