The busy travel week comes with a warning from the State Department alerting cities of "increased terrorist threats in multiple regions using conventional and non-conventional weapons." However, President Obama addressed the nation from the White House on Wednesday afternoon to say there is no "specific, credible threat" inside the U.S.

Airports stepped up security across the nation, including Chattanooga, asking travelers to arrive two-and-a-half hours early in preparation of longer lines.

Many travelers like Joyce Nethery are taking the alert in stride. 


"No, I wasn't scared. I mean, maybe a little bit but I wasn't thinking about it right then," she said. 

Nethery arrived to the airport early for a family trip to Phoenix. She made it through security without much of a problem. The first TSA agent allowed her through even though the ticket used her middle name instead of first name.  

"We thought we were ready...and I said, that's my middle name and he let us go right on through. He should have stopped us right there, but he didn't," she said. 

But it when time came to board the plane, Nethery's plans were grounded. Another TSA agent noticed the name on her ticket didn't match her ID exactly. It took time to sort it all out.

"Now we missed our flight to Charlotte and our luggage has done gone on," she added. 

TSA suggests making sure names are printed correctly on tickets before arriving to the airport, leave any gifts unwrapped, and keep liquids out of your carry-on bags to keep lines moving.  

Despite having to wait nine hours for the next flight, Nethery is in good spirits and excited to see what the West has to offer. 

"Then we're going on to Vegas to see the Hoover Dam and then maybe on to Los Angles," she said, "I've never been out West. I've never been over there much."