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How to avoid overeating, but still enjoy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is the unofficial holiday of indulgence, meaning the start of the holiday season and delicious food.

Robin Darling, a registered dietician with CHI Memorial, has some easy ways you can enjoy your Thanksgiving meal without over doing it.

  • Size matters - Portion size is important.  “We tend to eat whatever is on our plate so limiting the amount available is crucial”, says Darling.  She recommends using your fist as your guide.  “A person’s fist generally represents about a ½ cup serving.  Start with that.  You can always go back for more.” 
  • Make your plate colorful - Make sure the foods on your plate are a variety of color.  “Make sure you have something green or orange or even purple.  The more colorful the plate, the healthier it is”, says Darling.
  • Choose your food wisely  - Darling says it’s okay to splurge a little on calories during the holidays. She recommends skipping common foods, like mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.  “Go for the sweet potatoes or a little more stuffing or dressing.  Use your calories on those foods you only have a couple times of year instead of foods that are often part of your meal.”
  • Save seconds for later - Darling suggests saving seconds for a different meal. “Instead of getting a second helping of all that delicious food during the same meal, wait and have it later.  It will keep you from eating too much at one time and you’ll get to enjoy another great meal later.”
  • Small containers - Have small, single serve storage containers available when cleaning up.  “Many people will eat the last bit of a casserole or the sweet potatoes if they think there’s not enough to save”, says Darling.  “Don’t do it!  That’s what small containers are for.  Put it away and save it for another meal.”
  • Get moving - It’s tempting to sit in front of the television or take a nap after eating a big meal but Darling says that’s the perfect time to get moving. “Take a walk around the block or play football in the yard.  Being active will help burn any extra calories you just ate.”
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