UPDATE: CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- A Chattanooga mother of three is dead after being shot in a drive by shooting Tuesday night. Police are still looking for the person who fired the shots.

Monica McMillon, 37, was found shot inside of her home on Highland Avenue. Her three children were inside the home at the time but not injured.
Chattanooga police are investigating the case as an apparent drive-by shooting. Love ones described the 37-year-old as a loving mother, sister, daughter and friend.

"Very sweet, soft spoken, shy, never should have been in this area," said Amanda Crowder, victim's sister. "I'm just going to be honest."

Amanda Crowder grieves over the death of her sister, Monica Mcmillon, she can't understand how anyone could gun down this mother of 3 right before the holidays. 
"Rounds were fired into the residence through the windows, door and the structure itself," said Deputy Chief David Roddy, Chattanooga Police Dept. 

Police have few leads in the case, they know someone opened fire riddling the house with bullets, 
they don't know who or how many gunmen were involved.

"this is unacceptable you had a mother of 3 standing in her home the week before thanksgiving and she's not here today and she will not see Christmas with her children... so these types of acts are not anything that the department or anyone in the department take lightly," said Deputy Chief Roddy. 

The 3 children inside ages 16,6, and 3 are okay. Authorities say they're with family now. Monica's family says the man she'd been dating for a couple of months lives in the home too. They worry Monica was an innocent victim of gang related violence.

"I don't know him, I don't know what happened... I can't speculate but all I do know is it's the gangs around here," said Crowder. 

police need your help, Monica's family is begging for it.

 "You don't keep silent, you can't keep silent for these people," said Crowder. "They're walking around... shooting and killing our relatives."

The slightest bit of information could help solve this case.

"You can expect our officers to be out there diligently working being active in this community and waiting for members in the community to step up as well," said Deputy Chief Roddy. 

The three children are staying with their grandmother.

She told Channel 3 she was not financially prepared to take them in. If you would like to help this family, you can contact them via email by clicking here.

If you have any information for investigators call, Chattanooga police at (423)-698-2525. 

Chattanooga police are investigating a deadly shooting Tuesday on Highland Avenue.

Police were called to the scene just after 6 p.m.

Police say 37-year-old Monica McMillon was found shot to death inside a home on the 3800 block.

The victim's sister, Amanda Crowder, tells Channel 3, her sister was hit during a drive-by shooting outside the home.

Police say investigators continue to follow leads and no suspect information is available at this time.

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