Teachers from around the region spent the day learning new tactics against an active shooter. 

It's part of a 2-day seminar called "ALICE Training" and teaches different techniques teachers and business employees can use through different scenarios. 

"I'm cognizant of covering windows, how I would cover windows quickly. I'm cognizant of my door being locked," Ocoee Middle School Teacher Megan Golden said. 

For years, school systems and businesses have taught employees to "duck and cover," but Tuesday Golden learned that tactic doesn't always work in the event of an active shooter. 

"Through this training, we've realized it doesn't work. The carnage and the numbers of killed and wounded go up with that," she said. 

To increase their chances of surviving, Scotty Hernandez, Safety Coordinator for Cleveland City and Bradley County Schools, took on the role of the bad guy sporting pads from head to toe and an air soft gun. 

"When it's really happening, it changes the whole scenario. It changes everyone's feelings and they really see what can happen and how much devastation can happen in seconds," he said. 

Golden hopes it's the closest she will get to actually experiencing an active shooter and using these tactics but says it's an experience she's learn a lot from. 

"It's a little scary. It added a little bit of fear for a little while but then, I think I've been well served by practicing this and learning new things," she said. 

"We don't teach people to fight," Hernandez said, "It's not about fighting. But it's also about don't lay there and die. Do something. Barricade the door, run, jump out the window." 

Giving Golden a whole new perspective on how to protect herself and the students inside her classroom. 

""Their eyes are open and their ears are open. They want to know what you have for them. After I think through it and come up with a light hearted but a serious way to present that to them, that's what I'm definitely going to do," Golden said. 

To learn more about ALICE Training, click HERE. If you're interested in holding a seminar near you, contact Scotty Hernandez at (423) 478-1113 ext. 8638 or shernandez@bradleyschools.org.