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ONLY ON 3: KIDS TOYS TEST, What's Hot and What's Not

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The toy aisle will be a popular place for adults everywhere due to the holiday season approaching. Channel 3 did a little experiment to help parents out at the register. In the "non-scientific" experiment, a group of kids inside Learning Express Toys, were given free range to pick any toy that they wanted. The self-proclaimed "Toy Scientists" quickly told us what's hot and what's not. 
Reporter: "Do you like barbie dolls ?" Kathryn, 8-years-old : "Kind of." Reporter: "Not really?" Kathryn: "No, kind of..."

Many retailers do an annual Christmas List showing the top 15 toys of the year. 

Reporter: "Do you like Frozen?" Kathryn: "No." Reporter: "So Frozen is over? When did that happen?" Kathryn: "A long, long time ago."

No one wants to buy something that gets forgotten in the closet two weeks after Christmas. 

For $40 dollars the Remote Control RC Stunt Motorcycle can do extreme stunts and crazy tricks including 360's 
"Go forward Minion," said Marshall, 9 years old. "Stop going that way you weird Minion. He likes to explore all of the toys and knock them down."

For 60 dollars the Inflatable Remote Control Minion is pretty sturdy. He's ready to serve any villain with patience.

9-year-old Marshall told Channel 3 that he prefers the Infra-Red Flying Saucer. For $20 bucks kids love it and parents may love the price.

Retailers say that Simon, Play doe, Lincoln Logs and Candy land classics are making a come back.

"The only thing I get when I go to Target, TOYS-R-US or places like here... I get Legos," said Canon, 8 years old. 

If the budget is small this year some of the best laughs come from your imagination. Kids think the $6 dollar " NO Pen " from Learning Express Toys could be pretty useful when parents talk about chores. 

Reporter: "What are you going to say to your parents if they ask you to pick up your room? No Pen: "No!!" 
The classics are popular this year and so is a new take on those classics. Spend time in any store and it is easy to see that kids love technology.  

Reporter: "What do you want more than anything this Christmas?" Kathryn: "Probably a lap top."

There are D=dinosaurs on wheels, flying saucers, remote control stunt cars, cars that can climb walls and even fly. If 8-year-old Cason could have anything in the world, he says he would choose Legos. 

"Probably legos and the power to have any super power I wanted," said Cason. 

Legos are big this year. 

"I'm not really into Lego Star Wars but I really do like Batman Lego sets or Lego Marvel," said Canon, 8 years old. 

Parents willing to spend $100 dollars can connect their Lego lovers with the popular Lego Dimensions Video Game- Starter Pack.

"It's a Lego Video Game, my two favorite things," said Canon.  Reporter: " I will keep my fingers crossed for you, I hope you get Legos!"  Cason: "I  will " 

Kids build Legos the classic way except these Legos link to a video game where their toy character comes alive onscreen.

It doesn't get more classic than a teddy bear,  but Smart Toy Bear can read, tell stories and play games. His nose can recognize cards and books.
Parents can even download an app ---  to control the bear. It can encourage a child to play, sing their ABC's, clean up, read or go to sleep. He cannot hug, you still need mom and dad for that. Hugs are free, the bear costs $100 dollars.

The Star Wars R2D2  Interactive Robotic Droid can go on patrol, play music and even dance on command for $140 dollars. If you want a Jedi Master Light saber Kit --- add $55 dollars.
"Light saber yea that would be cool," said Marshall. "That wouldn't be on the top of my list but that would be awesome to have a real light saber that could chop peoples arms off and stuff."

Want to splurge? Let your kid build their own robot. Different models of Meccano Meccanoid G 15  Robot range from $180 to $400 dollars. Older kids may prefer wheels.
"I want a segway," said Marshall. "You can stand on it and ride around on it yea it's really expensive I really want that." Reporter: "That's at the top of your list ?" Marshall: "Yes, definitely." 

This year arts and crafts are big too. 

"I really like artsy stuff," said Kathryn. " I would like anything artsy."

Of course-- our test is unscientific. Among the boys and girls who tested, the Lego Video Game is the clear favorite among boys. Girls preferred the Smart Toy Bear.

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