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East Ridge Neighborhood expected to see heavy traffic

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Thousands are expected to take in the Christmas Time Lights at Camp Jordan over the next few weeks.

“I’m just excited about how the music syncs up with the lights, I’m just super excited about that,” said Heather Vonrohr.

This year, drivers have to travel Frawley Road to take in the light display and those who live along this road say it's creating a traffic jam on their street.

“I might have to get out here and flag traffic to get out of my driveway,” said Tony Hicks.

Last year over 20,000 cars used Camp Jordan Parkway to get to the lights. This year it's off limits, as crews make repairs to the half mile road
slated to reopen in April.

“The road eventually would flood, every time they would have severe rain it would flood. But also they are going to put some added commercial sites in here also,” said Tyler Coker, Superintendent, Brown Brothers Construction.

East Ridge Mayor Brent Lambert says residents aren’t alone, he has to deal with the congestion too. He lives on Frawley Road but says the inconvenience is worth the road repairs.

“It's going to make access to Camp Jordan much easier, and there are going to be some businesses going in there on Camp Jordan Parkway, where the Bass Pro will be opening, so it's going to be a win win for all of us,” said Lambert. 

A sentiment shared by neighbors.

“I think it's good for the city. I think they will have some nice restaurants over there,” said Hicks. 

The cost of the repairs to Camp Jordan Parkway is 1.8 million dollars. The city says they informed residents of the route changes.  Organizers say they invested in several signs directing traffic to the lights. If you are planning to take in this year’s Christmas lights at Camp Jordan visit http://www.christmasnightsoflights.com/

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