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Massive Kites Fly Over Chattanooga Saturday Morning; Marks Opening of New Sculpture Fields

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The grand opening of Sculpture Fields isn't until April, but Saturday neighbors got a sneak peak of the art. The collection is open to the public beginning weekends only.      

Kite professionals from all over the area gathered in Chattanooga to fly their beautiful large-scale kites for everyone to watch.

Kites of all different shapes and sizes fly in the sky Saturday afternoon for a glimpse of the Sculpture Field in Chattanooga. “We have people from Chicago and other Kite flyers from around the country here bringing their large kites. Some have Rokaku battle kites which is a Japanese style kite, bull kites, parachute kites which the children will be racing,” said Executive Director Catherine Clifford.

Designer Martin Blair crafted these massive kites flying in the park from right here in the Scenic City. They are kites so large they must be anchored to the ground. “You can't hold down with your hand. That kite is attached to a 2,000 pound line. Nobody could hold down those kites,” said Martin.

He says the moderate wind is perfect for this type of family fun in the park. “Perfect day, very rare it happens around here, so it is perfect. 12, 13, 14 miles per hour winds is perfect. The best weather to fly a kite whatever size it is.”

This family fun day isn't only about celebrating beautiful kites -- it is the first day the sculpture park is open to the public. “It is a great park just for recreation, for people to come in and walk, walk their dogs, have picnics that sort of thing. But it is an outdoors museum, museum of international sculptures from all over the world. Nothing like this anywhere close,” said John Henry, the founder of the Sculpture Fields.

The Sculpture Fields Park is now open on the weekends. It is set to fully open April 8th. The Sculpture Fields are located on East 23rd Street. 

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