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UPDATE: 44 handguns stolen from Dalton pawn shop

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UPDATE: The owners of Dalton Pawn Brokers thought a gate would keep crooks out after being robbed in 1968. But Monday, burglars broke in again. The trio made it past the gate but not the alarm system.

“ I got a call like 10 minutes to 2 a.m., of course the alarm company had called us, and they said someone is in your business and the police are there,” said Greg Lipscomb.

Three people forced their way into the shop. Surveillance video shows them go straight for a gun case, smashing the glass with bolt cutters, and loading handguns and jewelry into bags. They manage to do it in three minutes, getting away just moments before police arrive.

“Places like New York city, other cities were the restrictions are tighter, guns do come from Georgia and end up there,” said Bruce Frazier, public relations specialist, Dalton Police Department.

Dalton police say stolen guns can be sold on the black market. While they aren't sure where these stolen weapons will end up, they don't want them falling into the wrong hands. Neither does store management.

“Who knows where these guns are going. They are going to be in the wrong hands. That’s not what we want,” said Lipscomb.

Dalton police say the suspects tried taking rifles, they left them behind. The police department says they are going to be keeping a close eye on pawn shops in the area.

If you recognize any of the suspects on your screen give Dalton police a call at (706) 278-9085.

Store management tells Channel 3, they are going to put bars on their doors as one more way to prevent break-ins.


Dalton police are investigating an early morning burglary at Dalton Pawn Brokers where three suspects broke into the business about 1:20 a.m. Monday.

Cutting the lock on the front door, the burglars made their way inside the pawn shop.

Once inside, they smashed display cases and loaded up as many guns as they could into bags and took off.

Dalton police say that some rifles were loaded into bags, but were left behind.

The suspects were only in the store for three minutes, taking a total of 44 handguns and some jewelry.

Surveillance video doesn’t show the suspects’ faces or other identifying characteristics, but investigators are hoping that someone may recognize the suspects’ clothing or build.

Anyone with information on this burglary or the identity of the suspects is asked to please contact Detective Sam Eaton at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and extension 158.

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