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Residents seek city's help with flooding caused by heavy rains

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Heavy rain is damaging property in one neighborhood. Wednesday’s weather conditions are flooding lawns. After repeated calls to the city asking for help and nothing being done one family says the problem is getting worse and worse.

The couple who lives on the 1600 block of Eagle Drive says water runoff is an issue. Water collects in their yard then tries to move down to the culvert. They say the culvert catching the water is just too small for the amount of rain we see. The water can't go anywhere causing a messy situation for property owners.

James and Adria dream of hosting church gatherings and family picnics at their new home. Dreams now flooded away due to a muddy swamp covering much of their yard.

“We got to dig that ditch deeper and dig along the side of our house. Which there was no ditch, take out the trees and everything and dig the ditches, to the ditch out front. But now the ditch in the front cannot carry the water because the culvert is too small on the road,” says James Newman.

The couple keeps trickling out money in hopes of stopping the massive flooding on their lawn.

“Several thousands, and thousands, and thousands, of dollars in this place,” says Adria Underwood. They say they have reached out to the city for help but aren't getting too far with answers.

“If they could come out and just dig their ditches a little deeper, clear the ditches, and make the culverts larger to carry the water than ours would be fine.”

They say it’s not only an eye sore to see they believe this heavy flooding is also a safety issue for the residents of the neighborhood and for the cars cutting through to avoid busy street traffic.

“Water comes over the road as high as 2 to 3 inches across the road. Cars have to stop and slowly go through it when the water is so high,” says James.

They want something to be done not just for their home. James thinks city help will benefit the entire Eagle Drive community.

“We know it would be a big expense for them to put a bigger culvert down there but it would be worth it to the neighborhood, it really would.”

Channel 3 reached out to Chattanooga City Councilman Ken Smith. Our calls were not returned.

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