Chattanooga's first murder of 2015 remains unsolved. Police hope the promise of a Crime Stoppers reward will change that.

For a look at the crime, we go back to January 1st. The calendar page had just flipped from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day. On Dorris Street, something awful was about to happen. Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer explained, "Not even 30 minutes into the new year, you've got a couple that stayed home to celebrate. There's a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old in the house with them when some men come and knocked on the door."

Deoaunte Dean went to the door and, from inside, asked who was there, several times. "Still no answer," Officer Frazer continued. "So, he peeks out the window that's next to the door and that's when it happens." Shots rang out, there are several differing reports of just how many. Bullets pierced the window and as Deoaunte Dean lay dying in his home, in front of his girlfriend and one of his children, the murders ran off into the neighborhood.

Police are keeping some details close to the vest to keep their investigation on track, but any information you may have could be worth up to $1,000, no questions asked.

Back in may, Dean's family demonstrated on McCallie avenue, pleading for justice. They are still looking for answers in hiss murder. "I just want justice for Deoaunte," said his sister. "I mean, we all do."

If you have information, but you are scared of someone finding you out, Crime Stoppers works to your favor. No one will ever know you made the call, not your friends or family, not the authorities, and certainly not your enemies. Call: 698-3333

If you get voice mail, leave a number for Off. Frazer to get back in touch with any questions he may have. He will issue you a case number and will never ask your name.