Kelsey Kirk graduated from Northwest High School in Whitfield County just five years ago.  Now in her second year of teaching, the longtime basketball and volleyball star has added something new to her resume'.  At the age of 22, she entered her first beauty pageant, at Shorter College.  Earlier this year, she competed for the Miss Georgia title, and this weekend she's a contestant in the Miss Georgia USA pageant in McDonough, Georgia.. Not bad for someone who never really was a pageant girl.

"I knew i needed to do something uncomfortable, that's the only way to grow, to get out of my comfort zone.  That's why i got into this whole endeavor," Kelsey said.

In addition to her teaching duties, she's the school's assistant volleyball coach.  Somehow she finds time to train and prepare for a very competitive pageant.

She said, "It's all about how to manage your time. I have a lot going on, but this is a way to challenge myself physically, mentally, and emotionally."

Through it all, she takes her position as a role model very seriously. She says she's living her childhood dream of teaching and coaching, and is hoping her road to Miss Georgia USA  is inspiring her students. "They have been great.  I get to interact with six classes each day, and they expect me to be at my best.  That's why I'm totally at ease when performing before an audience, or being interviewed by judges.  I work under pressure each day."

She says one of the highlights of her pageant experience has been adopting a platform of which she can be advocate if she wins, and for her that's improving literacy. something she already works hard to do each day.  All of us at WRCB wish Kelsey Kirk the very best at Miss Georgia USA this weekend.