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Local students learn impact of Paris attacks

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People across the world are coming together to show their support after the Paris attacks, including students and teachers at Baylor. They're taking a closer look at what happened -- and learning why it matters here.

"This is the second time this year that I've needed to throw everything that I had planned out the window and start over because of a national event," said Ruth Ann Graham, who teaches French at Baylor.

Graham's classes took a break from the textbooks on Monday. After a weekend dominated by headlines on the Paris attacks, Graham tossed out her lesson plan to start a conversation with students.

"I think it's really important to talk to the students about what they're hearing, seeing, and feeling, and help them process some of that," she said.

The attacks hit close to home for students like Serena Legere, whose family friends live in downtown Paris.

"I texted my friend, Andreas, asking him if he was OK, and if his family was OK," Legere said. "Luckily, they were."

After the attacks, student Bailey Diamondidis immediately checked Facebook, hoping her friend (who lives in Paris) wasn't hurt.

"Hearing the death toll, and about the hostages and everything... it just kind of seemed like the numbers were stacking up," said Diamondidis. "I was really, really afraid."

The student's friend posted she was "safe and sound", but "laying low."

"I'm just a little bit scared of what's gonna happen next," said Diamondidis. "Is ISIS gonna move to the us? Are they gonna attack somewhere else in Europe? I'm just praying God protects us through it all."

"They have a right to live in peace, and they have a right to live their lives," Graham said. "People sort of want to mobilize, come together and show solidarity with each other and against any group that would try to threaten that."

Several Baylor students traveled to Paris last year for an educational spring break trip. However, no such trips are planned this year.

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