UPDATE: Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood says a deputy shot and killed the driver of a suspected stolen Jeep during after a police chase.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations is now conducting their own investigation into the officer-involved shooting Monday in Whitfield County. 

The incident took place near the intersection of GA Highway 52 and Maddox Mill Road.

"They tried to pin him in against the rail, he got away, come down behind us here, was doing some circling around and this and that, trying to out run the cops," Williams said.

Steve Williams was heading out on his lunch break when he saw police chasing a Jeep Cherokee down Maddox Mill road. He says the driver of the jeep crashed into a guard rail, leaving tire marks as he tried to escape.

"Young fella. I'd say in his late 20's, possibly early 30s. just plain as day, he come through here and just looked at us and smiled like he was having a good time you know," said Williams.

The chase ended once the jeep pulled off the road near a barn. Deputies surrounded him.

"He was stopped. the vehicles was surrounding him, the officers was off in the ditch had his weapon drawn," Williams said.

But Sheriff Chitwood says the chase wasn't over. The driver revved his engine and started moving toward the deputies.

"At that point the suspect then started the chase over, what appeared to be and attempted to run the officer over at that point, stepping to the side he did discharge his firearm," Sheriff Chitwood said.

Deputies shot and killed 25-year-old Brent Noblitt. The Sheriff says he may have eluded officers because he has outstanding warrants for his arrest.

The Sheriff says the two deputies who fired their weapons have been place on paid administrative leave.

The GBI is taking over the investigation to determine if the used of deadly force was justified.

"The GBI's investigating it but from all indication everything appears to be clean and justified," Sheriff Chitwood said.