Eight years ago, Ddalton's Bergen Baucom Aldiear was a freshman at the University of Alabama when she was sexually assaulted by a person she considered a "friend".
Aldiear's case bears a number of similarities to Tuesday's Jane Doe lawsuit against Chattanooga's Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house.
And Aldier says there's a lot everyone can learn when it comes to preventing sexual assaults on campus and elsewhere..

"I think the hook-up culture has blurred the lines of what consent is." Bergen Baucom Aldahir can relate to what Jane Doe, the plaintiff in a million dollar lawsuit leveled at Chattanooga's Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, is feeling after being sexually victimized.
"I was raped by a good friend, he knew my family I was in his fraternity room, I had been there before , we had kissed one time before that happened."

Aldiear's story is much like Jane Doe's, who says she was nearly incapacitated by alcohol provided by her attacker just before she was raped during a party at Chattanooga's "Pike House". 
"I never knew it would be someone I knew."

That's Aldiear's self-produced documentary called "Mini-Skirts, Mace and other Misperceptions", a video she made after her attack that not only served as a personal cathartic, but as proof to other sex assault victims that recovery is possible.
She has since graduated from making YouTube videos, to her post as Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults here in Chattanooga.
Aldiear believes the rise of rape on college campuses and beyond is due to greater reportage and less stigma to victims.  But also, cultural influences.

"It's everywhere, it's in the music that we listen to, it's derogatory language, it's all of these little things that turn into big problems that perpetuate violence . One person who is commiting sexual assault is usually committing about eight times before they graduate college.  So it's not a lot of men doing it but the few who are are doing it over and over and over again and because its so under reported, they're getting away with it."

We are not naming the individual Jane Doe alleges attacked her as he has not been criminally charged.  We tried getting the incident report from the Chattanooga Police Department's investigation, but they referred us to the city attorney and the state's open records act before that report can be released.
Pi Kappa Alpha's national headquarters acknowledges Jane Doe's civil suit, but will not discuss pending litigation. The Pike Press release also notes the alleged attacker is no longer at UTC and is no longer an active member of the charter.