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July 16 shootings spur cost effective veterinary care idea

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Doc, the Etwowah police K-9, was released from his kennel. Doc, the Etwowah police K-9, was released from his kennel.

An idea born in the wake of Chattanooga's July 16 terror attack is now helping the Chattanooga Police Department's K-9 unit.

Its called "Paw Plans", touted as a cost-effective veterinary health care program that your dog or feline could soon benefit from.

"Hey Doodle, how's it going?"

It's check-up day for Doodle, an 8 year old bomb sniffing dog of the Chattanooga Police Department.

Doodle, a veteran of three tours of duty in Afghanistan for the U.S. Marine Corps, does have a weak spot, as Dr. Natasha Jones finds oral hygiene isn't one of his strong points.

" Doodle has a fair amount of dental calculus," is the doctor's diagnosis.

" We've had him for two years now," says Officer Lucas Timmons of his four legged partner. " And his teeth have been like this, but we haven't had the funds to do be able to get it corrected."

But now thanks to Paw Plans, a tiered array of veterinary health services for Doodle and other CPD canines like him, those issues can be quickly corrected.

The Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain is donating 15 thousand dollars worth of health care for the CPD's current canine complement.

" These plans are going to allow these officers to be able to get fully vetted for the year, have comprehensive blood work twice a year," explains Dr. Jones. " Dentistry, if they need to have that done, dental x-rays and any other services they may need medically."

Jones says the idea sprang shortly after the 7-16 terror attacks as something they could give back to police in a show of thanks.

" These are really important dogs in our community to keep us safe, to keep our officers safe and we're pretty passionate about helping them," says Jones.

" It also helps to reduce our cost for our unit as well because currently we have 9 dogs that we have to take care of and it can get expensive," says Officer Sean O'Brien of the CPD and his K9 partner Anik.

" He had a medical issue recently that we addressed, non-related to his work," jokes Dr. Jones.

It appears Anik likes being a play dog in his off-time and cut his hind leg while jumping off his doghouse.

" Overall, its healing pretty good," concludes Dr. Jones as she staples the previously stitched gash. 

Jones says the Animal Hospital offers a dozen preventive care programs for both dogs and cats in nearly any stage of age or health.

If you're interested, click here to learn more.

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