A Chattanooga man is facing charges in the shooting death of his girlfriend's father. Channel 3 is learning more about the victim, Timothy Harris, and the events leading up to the shooting. For the first time we are hearing from the man who called 911 and ran to Harris' side.

Sean Anderson says he wants the family of Timothy Harris to know he did everything he could to comfort him in the early morning hours of November 1. He says he still can not believe what happened.

"This is just an 'out of the blue' type thing for me, anyway. I had never seen the boyfriend or his daughter over there before," says neighbor Sean Anderson.

Sean Anderson had just gone to bed around one o'clock that Sunday morning, when he heard arguing outside his Olive Street home. He got up and went to his front porch.
"I wanted to go get involved and try to stop it because she was screaming at one point because the boyfriend's hands were around her neck choking her outside," says Anderson.

According to court documents obtained by Channel 3, 27-year-old Cordarious Robinson was fighting with his girlfriend. The girlfriend's father, 47-year-old Timothy Harris, tried to intervene.

"He was pretty angry and just wondering and telling her, 'Why did you bring this problem over here? Why don't you just leave. Go away.'"

Anderson says the situation escalated quickly, so he held back.

"I heard the young man say, 'Well, I'm just going to shoot him.'"

He thought the argument was over.

"She was saying, 'Dad just leave.' And as he was leaving out, the driver, the guy got out of the car," says Anderson.

Police say Robinson is accused of shooting Harris multiple times before he drove off. Anderson called 911 and ran to Harris' side.

"The only thing I was saying was, 'Hold on man. Hold on. Hold on. They're coming. Just hold on. Hold on," says Anderson. "He was a great guy. I didn't have anything personal with him as far as friendship. It was just a 'Hi' and 'Bye' to him and his wife whenever I saw them."

Harris worked at the Coca-Cola bottling plant. He was a graduate of Howard High School and an Army vet, leaving behind several children and grandchildren.

"I prayed for him and I prayed for the family," says Anderson. "I did as much as I could."

Harris was laid to rest at the Chattanooga National Cemetery the day before Veterans Day.

Robinson is charged with aggravated assault and homicide. He is scheduled to appear in court November 17.