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Bikes Mean Business: Slow ride to highlight importance of bike lanes

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It is a celebration of the first protected bike lanes in Chattanooga.

Tuesday evening locals kicked off the first of many bike rides throughout the city stopping at different local businesses.

It is designed to encourage riders to try out the new bike lanes while visiting local businesses along the way.

Around 50 cyclists pedaled their way through the city in support of the bike lanes.

According to officials, the goals of the bike lanes are to encourage more people to push pedals and to reduce the number of cars on the roadway. While for some these lanes are considered a nuisance for these riders their safety depends on them.

For Lucky Ramsey everyday she pedals her way through busy downtown traffic to get to work.

“This is the first time I have ever ridden my bike down to this part of town during this time of day,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey along with about 50 other cyclist met along Broad Street to show how important these bike lanes are to the biking community.

“What these bike lanes are doing is bringing out new cyclists who don’t feel safe coming down here at 5 in the afternoon because that is rush hour.”

Tuesday’s ride also was a push to show how cyclist impact local businesses. Riders say biking means business along with everyone feeling safe on the roadways.

“Bikes do mean business and having lanes like this in Chattanooga allow for different use of the road and people to live in town to understand they are going to be protected the same way a car would be protected and encourage to take part in the things that make Chattanooga, Chattanooga,” said Chris Lykinas.

“We see these facilities kind of a safe way for us to get around town. For people that rely on biking for their primary mode of transportation these are really key for us from getting to point A to point B, home to work, to the store safely,” said Chris Carr.

The chairman of BikeWalk Chattanooga says the bike lanes are new for the city but sometimes change is a good thing. 

“I think it is just a change and change is hard but sometimes change is necessary and I think Chattanooga is a great outdoors city and this is just a fantastic amenity for Chattanooga.”

The slow ride stopped and highlighted a few local businesses beginning at Rock Creek , stopping at the Moon Pie General Store, Natural Body, and ending the tour at Easy Bistro. Organizers say this will be the first of many slow rides throughout the city.

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