The live rounds for NBC's "The Voice" continue on Tuesday, and two local contestants are still in the competition. Lee University's Jordan Smith and Calhoun, Georgia's Ellie Lawrence performed on Monday night.

Smith currently tops the music charts at #3, just behind Adele and Justin Bieber. The Lee University junior has always been known for his voice on campus, but now, his fellow students are excited to see everyone else fall in love with it, too.

"Everybody's been going crazy about it," said Lee student, Joseph Sullivan.

Around 5,000 students attend the school, which is known for its music program and talented voices.

This season of "The Voice" is the second time a Lee student has been in the national spotlight. Earlier this year, Clark Beckham was voted runner-up in American Idol.

"We are so proud to go to a school that not only promotes excellence for its students, but promotes us to worship The Lord in everything that we do," said student Natalie Pulliam.

Students say Smith was known for his talents on campus long before stepping on to a national stage.

"When I was first a freshman here, I remember watching Jordan perform at random things, and being like, 'Who is this dude?'," said Taylor Booker.

"He's gonna win!" said Pulliam. "He has a really great chance, honestly, in my opinion. I know I have some bias, but he's great."